28 JAN - 24 FEB 2019

Installation #3

The Rainbow Connection

The Rainbow Connection

Marina Bay Sands trellises


The Rainbow Connection is a display of solar light modules suspended to form a shifting prismatic projection on the ground. The modules come together to form a canvas of light that explores the fantastical dreamscape of the deep sea, the woods, and the clouds. As the modules gently rotate and sway in the wind, the sculpture seems to come alive with shifting shadows, projecting the imagination of the creator.
The light units are made from upcycled cookie containers combined with solar lights. Co-created with the community, the art piece is a portrayal of the social fabric that holds individuals together. While every individual is different, every individual has a part to play to form something bigger.

In collaboration with Bold at Work, Lions Befrienders Service Association (Singapore), NTUC Health, Pacific Activity Centres, ReadAble x CATCHplus, Woodlands Health Campus x Sunlove Senior Activity Centre, Yishun Health x Touch Community Services, and Wellness Kampung.

Yun (Singapore)

Since graduating from NUS Industrial design in 2014, Yun has worked in various companies such as Nakamichi, Asus Design and Dell Computers. She is currently an industrial designer at P&G, bridging technology and consumer experiences. Her most recent foray into lighting installations was in 2017, where she presented MoonFlower at i Light Marina Bay (2017), Scottsdale Canal Convergence in Arizona, USA (2017)  and Bella Skyway in Torun, Poland (2017).