28 JAN - 24 FEB 2019

Installation #12



The Promontory @ Marina Bay


Squiggle is a twisting mass of 200 metres of digital neon tubing on a custom built steel framework. The sea of twists and turns fills The Promontory @ Marina Bay and allows visitors to interact with the installation by using little joysticks to change the colours, speed and direction - an abstract reflection of this very multicultural world we live in.

Angus Muir (New Zealand)

Angus Muir creates moments. Specialising in atmospheric architecture, Muir’s work is dedicated to conceiving and executing contemporary, immersive experiences. Springing from an architectural basis, Angus’ design approach is conceptual, ambitious and site-specific, acknowledging historical influences of the area while infusing fresh, contemporary energy into a space. With a strong background not only in the theoretical world of design but also practical fabrication and application, his designs are fastidiously conceived and crafted from end to end. For all those who encounter an Angus Muir installation, a sensory journey is undertaken through his innovative manipulation of space and sense.