28 JAN - 24 FEB 2019

Installation #17

Flower Clock

Flower Clock

One Fullerton


Inspired by the relationship between blooming flowers and time, this delightful artwork rotates to simulate the movement of a clock. Flower Clock celebrates Singapore as a Garden City while the rotating flowers represent how the intangible process of time has a tangible effect on nature.


3rd Prize of i Light Student Award

You Fan Zhou, Liao Qing Shuang, Guo Qian Ling, Song Le Jing and Lee Jian Wen from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China)

The digital media art design research team of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts finds their passion in cross-media art design. Led by You Fan Zhou, its team members consists of Liao Qing Shuang (Chief Engineer), Guo Qian Ling, Song Le Jing (visual designers) and Lee Jian Wen (programmer). Using digital media technology, multiple spatial modeling and multi-dimensional form of art language, the team had created a series of forward-looking work of art and had also designed other landscapes. The team had participated in other exhibitions such as Guangzhou International Lighting Festival (2017, 2018) and Asia Society of Basic Design and Art Exhibition. The team constantly develops the art in the new media in order to meet the challenges of the world.