Punggol Digital District

The Punggol Digital District will bookend the North Coast Innovation Corridor, housing technology firms involved in key growth fields such as cyber-security, as well as fostering industry-academia collaboration at the new Singapore Institute of Technology Campus.  

The Digital District will be created by extending the existing Punggol Town Centre towards the waterfront, and developed as a mixed-use district comprising commercial and business park uses, alongside the new Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) campus. The district will be geared towards the digital and cyber-security industries cluster, and will be used to drive Singapore’s Smart Nation push through the incorporation of innovative technologies and ideas.

aerial view of future Punggol Digital District

The JTC Corporation is the Master Developer for Punggol Digital District. As it is an Enterprise District, JTC will have the flexibility to develop the district based on overall land use and Gross Plot Ratio guidelines set at the district level, rather than having specified guidelines for individual land parcels. This will allow for better integration of needs, flexibility in responding to the industry shifts, and the ability to holistically plan district-wide design features such as pedestrian connectivity and public spaces. 

The Punggol Digital District is also planned with the larger Punggol community in mind, providing an attractive work, learn and play environment. A new hawker centre, community club and childcare facilities will be located within the district. Along the waterfront, an active and lively Market Village will be planned with retail, dining and leisure options for workers, residents and students to relax and unwind.