Home Based Businesses

Home based business activities are intended for small scale businesses like sewing work and baking at home. It is wholly owned and operated by the home owner. The activities should not materially affect the use of the premises as a residential unit and shall not cause disturbance to the neighbours or other residents in the neighbourhood.

Home Based Businesses should meet the following criteria:

  1. No person outside the household is to be employed.
  2. No external advertisement/business signboard is to be displayed.
  3. No extraneous traffic is introduced to the site.
  4. No noise, smoke, smell, effluent or dust nuisances or danger should be posed to the surrounding residents.
  5. No loading and unloading of goods by vans and trucks.
  6. The activities must comply with the rules and regulations of other authorities.
  7. HDB flats cannot be used for business registration. The use of private residential premises address for business registration does not require planning permission, provided there is no material change of use of the residential premises.

Examples of Allowed Home Based Activities in Private and HDB Residential Premises are:

  1. The resident does office work using a computer, which is linked to the office main computer
  2. The resident undertakes sewing work at home to supplement the household income
  3. A freelance artist/journalist/photographer/writer etc. operating in his/her own home, without employing anyone, and with no business activities conducted within the premises
  4. The resident bakes cakes at home on a small scale for sale to his/her friends, without turning the place into a bakery
  5. The resident conducts private tuition for not more than three students at any one time
  6. The resident provides hairdressing services to supplement household income, without employing any workers
  7. The resident undertakes piecemeal work from a factory in his/her home on a work rate basis, to supplement household income