Housing Developers

If you are developing a housing project with more than four units, you will have to comply with the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Act and its Rules.
Some of the key requirements which you have to comply with are:

You have to apply for a housing developer’s licence before commencing construction works.

There are 2 types of licences: a sale licence which allows you to commence construction works and to commence sale of units after obtaining building plan approval and a no-sale licence which allows you to commence construction works only.

Download the .pdf to read the criteria for a sale and no-licence.

You are required to use the Option to Purchase and Sale and Purchase Agreement prescribed under the Housing Developers Rules (Statutes) in the sale of the units.

If you wish to make any variations to the terms in these prescribed forms, you will have to submit an application to the Controller.

Show unit(s) must be erected in accordance with the Housing Developers (Show Unit) Rules (Statutes).

Read the guidelines for details.

Upon the completion of the show unit, you will have to submit a declaration on the show unit stating that the show units erected comply with the rules.

You are required to open and maintain a Project Account with a financial institution for each project.

The deposit of purchase moneys and loans into the Project Account and withdrawals of money from the Project Account are regulated under the Housing Developers (Project Account) Rules (Statutes).

Read key pointers.

You are required to submit information on the licensed private residential and executive condominium projects, e.g. launch and sale of units.