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Curatorial Statement

Light and Nature


From 18th century discourses on the Picturesque ideal to the two recent decades of urbanism, artists and philosophers alike have struggled to reconcile the push and pull between the constructed and the natural. Where better to re-examine this sometimes-delicate balance than against the backdrop of Singapore, the quintessential city in a garden. In our small city of constant contradictions, the eternal contestation of urbanity and nature surfaces time and time again. The city – planned and rigid – sets itself against the serendipity of nature. Sunlight peeks between glass and concrete, and between the leaves on the tree-lined streets. The luminous orange of the setting sun gives way to a different luminous orange of the sodium streetlights. In this next edition of i Light Marina Bay, we want to pick apart this curious relationship of light with nature and the city. We invite artists to explore the phenomenology of light – natural, artificial, or even one acting as the other – against the contested space where greenery coexists with the built environment, and perhaps the baggage that accompanies this contestation.

Randy Chan

Randy Chan, the Principal Architect at Zarch Collaboratives, is one of Singapore’s leading architects. His architectural and design experience spans stage design, private housing, cluster housing and master-planning – all of which are guided by the philosophy that architecture and aesthetics are part of the same impulse. He has received many awards in his career, the most recent being the President’s Design Award 2012 Design of the Year for his collaborative artwork ‘Building as a Body’. As a jury panel member with the Singapore Institute of Architects, Randy adopts a multidisciplinary architectural approach for his projects and specialises in the convergence between art and architecture. His works have been published in numerous local architecture magazines and international publications.